Backlinking for SEO 2022

backlinking for SEO

Backlinking for SEO 2022

About Backlinking

I have been analyzing backlinking by using AREFS to understand how backlinking works.

First off, a backlink is a URL or link that points to your website from another website. Because a backlink is found inside of HTML, it is not always visible with an underline.  Sometimes they are not visible at all.  You would have to click to find out if it is a backlink.

One thing most SEOs understand is that there is a quality or authority built up by every website. Now, SEMRush, Moz, and AHREFS, are the tools I use to analyze our clients.

The real question is how to get decent high authority backlinks? And with that how to do it in an organic manner. I think that is what Google is looking for. When things start to look out of place, that is when I think Google AI may get a little suspect. Should you have backlinks from Russian porn sites? The answer is no.


As I analyze backlinks, and thought through the types of backlinks, I have broken them down into:

1. Article backlinks. These are backlinks in newspaper and magazine sites like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes or others.

2. Blogging backlinks. These are backlinks that reside within a page on a site that is considered a content maker website like a Medium or blogger, or another blogging site.

3. Social backlinks. These are backlinks on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and other socials.

4. Redirects. These are things like that are used to shorten a domain.

5. Event backlinks. These are typically inside of a Meetup or Eventbrite page and are very valuable links.

6. Directory Listing backlinks. These are sites that serve as directories.


These are designations to Google on whether or not to use this link for SEO purposes. The top people in the SEO field are saying this is more of a degree of how important the link is, and therefor Nofollow links are not completely a waste of time. If it is a Nofollow, it’s not that important. If it is a follow, it’s important. Actually, SEO experts call the better links without a Nofollow a DoFollow.


AHREFS puts some value on top level extension domains, like a .com, .edu and .net and they are becoming less critical, but they are often treated as having higher authority.


So, I have been using the AHREFS DR (domain rating) signal, a scale of 0 to 99 as a way to tell if a backlink website is worth having (or not worth having). I have noticed that 0s don’t always pull you down, but 70-99 DR will pull your DR up. It’s a bit of a game getting all these links in place.


In 2022 we started to build out niche directory websites in several categories. Those categories are car dealers, fitness centers and gyms and we created one as a catchall called

Here is a list of site mentions for our site, where we have created backlinks as a way to test out our theories of backlinking:

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