About SEO Turbo Booster

Our Company

SEO Turbo Booster was developed out of necessity by our founder to promote his own companies and to reduce their dependency on Pay-Per-Click and large advertising budgets. The end result of this extensive process was a comprehensive, intelligent platform to automate website page, event, location, and product promotion through search engines. Our experience and success are now offered as SEO Turbo Booster, a software platform that promotes your website higher in Google through automated and AI-based web page content generation.

Our Certifications

Our Story

In the spring of 2018, Dan and Craig were sitting at a Starbucks in Boca Raton, Florida. Dan was working on a new segmented push notification program, which would allow his client, Pre-Dating.com, the largest speed dating company in the US, to send push notifications to customers by city. It just happened that day, that another entrepreneur sat down next to them. They looked at what they were doing and asked a couple of questions.

Why were we creating all these web pages per city?

The answer was that we needed to generate these pages for both push notifications for segmentation and click-through conversion and for SEO purposes to show up higher on Google and to reduce our client’s pay-per-click budget.

Would this make us show up higher on Google?

The answer was “Yes!” One of the reasons we originally created this platform was to help our clients segment better for push notifications. But that would require more pages per city, per keyword. The end results our platform provided was a higher ranking on Google Searches.

How can I get this solution in place for my company?

That is when SEO Turbo Booster was born. Once people understand the power of this platform and what it can do for a website, the question is always the same.