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SEO Turbo Booster is the all-in-one, automated search engine optimization platform designed to dramatically increase your website’s organic search visibility. With SEO Turbo Booster you can create UNLIMITED unique funnel pages based on specialty keywords and geographical locations you wish to target customers and generate leads.

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SEO Turbo Booster is an Online Presence Building Solution. Our platform can dramatically increase search impressions on Google Searches leading to higher ROI. Not a simple plugin, but a platform, implemented and monitored by a serious team of engineers and marketers — but easy on you. The end result is a dramatic improvement in website visibility.

SEO Turbo Booster does not replace traditional technical SEO, GMP (Google My Business), nor does it replace Pay Per Click and other online services like website building. Our services revolve around the implementation of SEO Turbo Booster, but we can do whatever customers need to make our software work best. We offer web services, but if you already have a website and tech team in place, we can easily work with you. We do not require customers to change websites or website design.

Location-based mobile searches that result in an in-person or phone sale.0%
Search queries that are four words or longer.0%
PPC ad spend that doesn't produce a single sale.0%
Marketers who say SEO generates more leads than anything else.0%
People that never go past page one of the search engines.0%

Critical reasons customers need SEO Turbo Booster


If you haven’t reworked your SEO strategy this year you’re falling behind. Google has recently revamped it’s searches, emphasizing location. Is your company/product national? Does this mean a national company has no way of taking advantage of local searching? No, with SEO Turbo Booster, you can extend and create local coverage in either a cluster of local cities or create an entire national presence.


The world’s gone mobile, with over 70% of searches on Google done on a mobile or smart device. This means 2 big things. 1) mobile-ready pages are critical. 2) every search uses location. If your ideal customer is searching in Tuscon, AZ, then Google knows their location. So in most cases, we recommend for this person a Tuscon, AZ page. This why SEO Turbo Booster is critical for companies creating a national presence.


If SEO has been done correctly, when customers search for an exact brand, that website should show up. We call this BRANDED search. In NON-BRANDED searches customers are looking for things, not brands, this is the real battleground. SEO Turbo Booster creates those powerful long-tail terms, getting you found in a variety of searches that are very specific and not as competitive.


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Case Studies

Our clients generally experience increased Google Index Search Impressions of 50% to 2,500%. This depends mostly on whether they are a startup (from scratch) or an existing business.

National nutritional supplement brand that sells Omega Fish Oil supplements in local retailers such as GNC and Publix. Their goal was to drive people who searched locally for Omega 3 supplements plus their local city name, to their brand. Here is an example of a typical impressions increase. You can clearly see when we turned on the platform and the immediate, amazing results:

SEO Turbo Booster Hyper Local Solution

Community portal and job placement site for nurses. The impact on their traffic was just as stellar. From Jan 1, 2019, to Sept 30, 2019, there were 434,407 impressions on Google that resulted in 9,554 clicks to the “State” and “City” pages. There will be close to 1 million impressions in 2019 for these pages. That’s an increase of 43%!

They increased visibility on Google by 40% after implementing SEO Turbo Booster. Fantastic Results!

Look at the increase in impressions that have “state” in the URL, these are pages created by SEO Turbo Booster.

What Else Can SEO Turbo Booster Do?

Large Directories and Listings

The online presence builder platform can be used to create any hierarchy of pages, similar to a directory, or multi-level linking. That includes any form of a hierarchy, from 2 levels to thousands of levels deep.

Some examples of this would be a Directory of 7,000 US Hospitals, a listing of 10,000 job openings, the contact information for 900 Branch Locations, or 200,000 Real Estate Agents with their own unique regions.

Instead of the expensive, time-consuming, and error-filled task of manually creating and maintaining all of these pages, they can be created through SEO Turbo Booster. The result is a reduction of weeks or months of man-hours and management time and obviously, a reduction of immediate and long-term costs. SEO Turbo Booster provides you the control of an easily maintained framework complete with the smart URLs, titles, descriptions, rich snippets and other important meta information you need, managed through an easy to use back-end system. Everything is perfectly set up for SEO optimization and gives you the results you want from Google.