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We Help Getting Found On Google

SEO Turbo Booster helps Digital Agencies and Website Owners to show up better on Google through our technology solutions and services.

We Offer A Local SEO Automation Tool

We have built a local SEO software tool that has been implemented several 100 times.

We Are Internet Marketing Tech Experts

Unlike most Search Engine experts and Online Marketers, we are a bunch of tech geeks and SEO writers, with years of experience.


There is a ton of information about our product and services on this website, but we want to first make sure you understand what we do!

We are a LOCAL SEO MARKETING AUTOMATION SOFTWARE solution that allows digital agencies to automate and rapidly deploy a variety of local pages, drip campaigns, and micro-blogging.  This is not like any solution on the market, so if you want to work with us, and become a partner, this is the time and the place!  If you are a digital agency or SEO Pro we can…

  • Make You More Money!
  • Save You Time And Energy!
  • Get Your Client Found Better Locally!

If you want to get to know us, absolutely set up a call on our calendly by clicking this link .  You can reach us at or 786-201-5123 on WhatsApp.

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    Recent Implementations


    We Partner With Digital Agencies!

    Almost all our business comes through digital agencies and other web firms. SEO Turbo Booster is a backend provider of services to agencies throughout the US and Canada through our technology and services. Please contact us to learn more about becoming a partner!  What can we do for you and how can we work together?

    What We Can Do For You!

    Whether you are an agency or a website owner we have expertise in the following: Local SEO, Blogging, Backlinking, Email Marketing, Campaigns, Texting, Push Notification, Google Analytics and Startup Tech. Contact us for a quote! Check out these not-so-typical products:

    SEO Turbo Booster –  $299 a month + $499 Setup Fee. Additional Fees May Apply

    This is our well-known local monthly turbo booster service, where we programmatically create pages per city and keyword for your website. In the past 2 years, we generated over 20,000 web pages for customers. There are add-on services that go along with this service. If you are a digital agency please contact us for more info at

    Social Drip Campaign – $199 A Month + $399 Setup Fee. Additional Fees May Apply

    Social Drip Campaign is a monthly ongoing service where our system and team drips out social posts by city/keyword or any geo city combination. The end result is Twitter, Instagram or Facebook posts for your business on a daily basis. Contact us for more info about this amazing service or just sign up and pay!

    Monthly Backlinking Service – $399 A Month

    Monthly Backlinking Service is a monthly ongoing service that helps build backlinks for our clients. We have our own proprietary methods and research we have done in the field.  Our goal is to generate 2-5 high DA backlinks a month per client.

    Additional services we provide. Agencies need to contact us.


    Google Ready

    We follow all of Google’s rules and regulations, and all of our methods are honest, legal, ethical, and Google-approved. We’re Whitehat (not blackhat) so your site and search rankings are always safe and secure.

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    Save time and money. Don’t hire SEO experts to write local pages or spend hours and hours creating hundreds of local web pages per city that are difficult to manage. Get the results you want fast with just a few clicks, and maintenance is a breeze.


    Targeted & Local

    Organic Search is not dead yet.  The ROI on well-done natural search results is still a big part of lead generation. Our platform will help you target specific cities with specific keywords. We focus on local page generation for local businesses outside their GMB.


    Money Saving

    Our results are MEASURABLE.  Once we create the local pages for your website or client’s site, all the visitor information will be able via Google Analytics and our tool set.  SEO Turbo Booster focuses on the exact traffic you need to get sales.

    From 50 impressions a day to 2,000 per day!

    Don’t waste money and time managing a bunch of click-throughs or hiring bloggers and other search engine marketing groups? Ditch the laborious, expensive, hit-or-miss approach. Worst of all it often does nothing for your sales. Don’t scatter your money and efforts ‘carpet bombing’ HOPING something will hit the target. Laser focus on the exact traffic you need to get sales.
    This chart shows how one of our customers went from 50 daily impressions on Google to over 2,000 a day! That’s 1,500 more times their site is in front of a targeted customer that did a web or mobile search. That’s 1,500 more times per day – Amazing! Could your business use 1,500 more leads a day?

    Plans and Pricing

    If you are an agency and would like to private label/resell SEO Turbo Booster please contact us.  We rarely sell SEO Turbo Booster directly to customers, however, the following services we do sell directly.  Please feel free to email or call us or DM us on Twitter at @seoturbobooster for more info or just pay for the services below.

    One-Time SEO-Related Service Offerings:

    Full SEO Audit – $599 (Click The Pay Now Button Below To Pay)

    A Full SEO Audit is a one-time (priced) service where we do not just do an SEO Audit of your website, we look carefully at all the following SEO issues across the home page, main pages as well as blog pages:


    – Tech SEO
    – Keyword Analysis
    – On-Page SEO Issues
    – Meta/HTML Issues
    – Google Search Issues
    – Backlink Analysis Issues
    – Blog Optimization
    – Other SEO Issues


    We come up with all the issues the site may be having and we will change/fix any core/critical issues with the website.  We also will make a list of recommendations for the site owner in order to make sure they have the best chances of showing up properly on Google.  If you feel your site is not set up correctly, please contact us or pay for this service.

    SEO Audit

    SEO Audit is a one-time service where SEO Turbo Booster generates an audit of both the data, HTML, Google Search Console, on-page, backlinks, and other important areas of concern for customers.


    SEO Analysis Session – Team Meeting – $499 (Click The Pay Now Button Below To Pay)

    Our SEO Turbo Booster team will work with you up to 2 hours for $499.  Our team becomes your SEO team for that time period.   If there is a specific issue, we would like to know of the issue in advance.  We are willing to spend 2 hours working with you like you have your own SEO team!  If you have any questions please contact us or DM us on Twitter at @seoturbobooster.  This is an amazingly low-cost option to work with SEO Turbo Booster on a real serious technical issue or planning issue.

    SEO Team Meeting!

    SEO Team Meeting is a one-time product you can purchase, where our team will act as your SEO team and cover any issue you want related to SEO and SEO-related technology and marketing issues.  The SEO Turbo Booster founders, Dan Gudema, and Craig Henderson from SEO Turbo Booster will work with you for up to 2 hours on your SEO problem or issue.  We will work on this problem in advance when you first sign up for this service offering.  Issues we can work on with you as a team include:

    On-Page SEO issues like
    - H1,H2,H3 and other HTML issues.
    - Determining how many keywords and types of blogging discussions.
    - Image Optimization
    - Links, Backlinks, Crosslinks

    Technical SEO issues like
    - Site Speed
    - SEO Problems with a hacked site.
    - Site visibility on Google via Google Search Console
    - First Byte Speed
    - Hosting and SSL-related SEO issues
    - Sitemap page and sitemap file issues
    - Robots.txt issues

    SEO Keyword and Planning
    - We will help you with all of this in this meeting.
    - We will even help you with hiring decisions or other SEO-related decisions.

    There is so much more we can work with you on related to SEO, but the bottom line is we will help you figure this out if you pay for this service and schedule time with our team.


    SEO Backlink Infographic – $399 (Click The Pay Now Button Below To Pay)

    An Infographic Can Get You Top Backlinks!
    This new service offering is a one-time fee to create a backlink infographic for your business. We will do the research and use publicly available information and create the final infographic. We will also log into your website and create an optimized SEO page for the infographic. This will also include social postings about the infographic on 4 social media channels.  Please contact us for more information about this exciting service for customers.

    SEO Backlink Infographic

    SEO Backlink Infographic is one of the best ways to get backlinking naturally. We create this nice little infographic about your industry and place it on a page on your website.  Below is an example of what this would potentially look like for your business:

    infographic for Backlinking

    infographic for Backlinking


    SEO 1,500 Word Blog Article – $499

    Pay us to write an SEO keyword-rich blog article 

    We can write 3 page, 1,500 word (est.) blog article optimized for search engines for your website.  If you are an agency, please outsource your blog writing to our team. This will be written by our local team.

    Blog Article For SEO - 1,500 Words

    We will write a blog article for your website for $499.


    SEO 4,500 All-In Word Blog Article – $1499

    Pay us to write a 4,500 SEO keyword-rich blog article 

    We can write 10 page, 4,500 word (est.) blog article optimized for search engines for your website.  If you are an agency, please outsource your blog writing to our team. This will be written by our local team.

    Blog Article All In 4,500 Words

    SEO Turbo Booster is offering a 4,500 word blog writing service. We call it All In because it includes up to 10 pages summarizing a whole industry or service. This service is definitely worth it for SEO purposes.


    Setup Up Email Campaign System – $399

    We will set up your email campaign system

    We can set up your email provider!  We can make sure it is ready for you to send an email. We will do this for Sendgrid, SendInBlue, MailChimp, Constant Contact, or any of the common SMB email sending tools on the market. This includes setting up your DNS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC as well as email verification or first email setup with a logo.

    Set Up Email Provider

    We will set up your email provider so you can start sending out emails to your customers. This includes setting up their email DNS, SPF record, DKIM, DMARC and other email issues like verifying your email.

    Ready to get more visibility and traffic for your website with SEO Turbo Booster?
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