Social Drip Campaign Email Content

Social Drip Campaign Email Content


This email was sent out to our existing and potential partner email lists.  This is just another version of what we sent by email to our list today, in case you are not on our list.

I am introducing a new product called Social Drip Campaigns.

This email will explain Social Drip Campaigns, Why It Works and Why You Need It.

We have a local SEO solution (unique page generator WordPress Plugin), we do SEO tech, blogging, backlinking, and pretty much whatever our digital agency partners ask us to do. Click here to learn more about our “Local By City Keyword Page Generator”.

This email is about Social Drip Campaigns. We run a social drip campaign for agency partners and clients that works both with and without SEO Turbo Booster, where we generate a volume of social posts for Twitter or Facebook over time by city and keyword.

What Is A Social Drip Campaign?

A social drip campaign is a series of social posts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels that slowly get posted over a period of time. This means 0, 1, or 2 posts a day. The campaigns we develop are planned to continue indefinitely or for a 3-month campaign.

What Content Would Be Dripped?

The content we drip typically matches what we do in our “local” content generation tool. An example would be getting 10 cities combined with 10 keywords or 100 final posts prepped and posted over time. Here is an example post out of 100 we did in the past.  Notice the city was Boca Raton and the keyword was Digital Agencies.  We also change the base content, so it always it is different.

OK, What Is The Data, Or Impact On Getting Local Leads?

Below is the data, this single tweet received over the past 18 months since it was posted. We take this post and combine it with the number of posts and you can get a serious understanding of the impact.

For Direct Clients a SOCIAL DRIP CAMPAIGN is $199 A Month Per Web Client, But For Agencies, We Charge $99 A Month.

You will be able to easily mark up this service to your customers and charge whatever you want.  And similar to SEO Turbo Booster, you can private label this product and tell customers it is your product.

We Also Offer A Bunch Of Other Services

We specialize in both tech and writing.  So if those are areas that you would like to outsource, please contact us. These prices on our website below are not agency prices, they are prices for direct sales.

SEO Turbo Booster Offerings.

Please understand that we work with digital agencies, so if that is the business you are in, please contact us if you have any questions about our service offerings or would like to schedule a demo or time to chat with you or your team.  You can always schedule time with us through my calendly link: 

Thank You, and please feel to email me, text me, WhatsApp me with more questions, or set up a time for a call. Follow me on Twitter and good luck everybody!

Dan Gudema
Founder SEO Turbo Booster


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