Social Drip Campaign – A New Product By SEO Turbo Booster

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Social Drip Campaign – A New Product By SEO Turbo Booster

Social Drip Campaign Service Now Available

SEO Turbo Booster is announcing a new product we offer called Social Drip Campaign.  This product is now for sale on the home page of by clicking here.

Who Is This Service For

This service is for both direct customers and for digital agencies and value added resellers (VARs).  We work with both.

How The Social Drip Campaign Works

Essentially a social drip campaign is the releasing of a social post on a regular daily basis over a period of time. This specific social drip campaign we offer is meant for a combination of geography and keywords. That simply means that for every combination of city and keywords we will be generating a social post.

Within that social post, the link that is provided will match the SEO Turbo Booster page, if you are a customer of SEO Turbo Booster as well.

The end result of this social drip campaign product are the following positive SEO and lead generation values:

  1. These posts will gather views and interactions separate from normal web SEO.
  2. Using our Social Drip Campaign you will be able to get focused keyword and city content out to the web without conflicting with local content like blog articles, page content and any content. This is additional shelf-space in the Internet world.
  3. These posts will have longevity. The posts I show in this blog post are almost 18 months old, yet easily searchable and indexed on Google.
  4. The ability to focus a specific post on a city (geo) in combination with a focused set of keywords and Hashtags is quite important.
  5. The ability to provide a social backlink to pages generated via SEO Turbo Booster helps boost each of these pages for your overall SEO.
  6. The ability to easily automate this type of drip campaign without hours of work or having to outsource the work is important.

Which Social Media Is Social Drip Campaign For?

Our initial tests have mainly been with Twitter, but we will also support this program for Facebook at this time.  We focus on Twitter because this particular medium allows us to get content onto Google for indexing in addition to all the views you get via the social media channel.

What Is The Potential Impact Of A Social Drip Campaign?

The social drip campaign will include as many as 100 posts over a 3 month period. Each post, depending on the account we use will get between 20 and 300 views and should have a 3% to 10% engagement rate depending on the industry and market.

Please contact us at for more information about running a social drip campaign with us.