Why 2021 Is The Year For Rethinking Everything SEO You Do

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Why 2021 Is The Year For Rethinking Everything SEO You Do

Over the new years and holiday season, I spent quite a bit of time on several SEO Facebook Groups listening to what SEO professionals are discussing. Over the past year, my partner and I interviewed about 20 medium sized digital agencies and we learned a lot about the industry, their needs, and what they are trying to accomplish.

My first conclusion is the Search Engine Optimization industry and Google, in general, is extremely mature based on the fact that SEO pros all are set on what they need to know to do their jobs. It has become a rote business with a lot of rinse and repeat processes. What SEO pros do is extremely well-known and they’ve been at it for over 15 years (most of us). During the pandemic many who lost their jobs and wanted something to do virtually jumped into the SEO game. And why not, read 10 great articles by well-known SEO experts and you are an expert!

This is an over-simplification.

My second conclusion and this is completely my opinion, is that Google has entered a new phase of lack of innovation. Yes, they did create the Google My Business directory listings for extended local content. That seems to have kept the entire SEO industry busy for 4 years. Yes, Google rules the world and decides almost everything about who gets found on Page 1. But, let’s face it. Google sucks because they just don’t give a crap about what we do as site owners. Their inaction or lack of innovation is their success. Everything Google does today leads clients to eventually a paid Google service. I am even surprised we have anything left in organic search at all.

But we persist.

When I look to the future of what we still call SEO, I can see even more maturity and Google getting even more selective and tricky in how it works.

When I recently had a call with a really successful real estate SEO client, I came to an epiphany. First off, what Google and experts are saying to the industry and individuals is “BECOME A GURU AND THAT IS HOW TO SUCCEED”!

Think about that. I call this white belt through black belt. It’s like karate at this point. This guy I talked to, who is not in the online marketing industry, was a high-end real estate developer, who had gone out of his way to training himself in the ways of SEO. He was a black belt. He had years of personal experience. And I applauded him for it. He felt he knew everything and tried almost everything he could to get his personal site SERPs on page 1.

He told me that we could not use automation, software to get many clients on page 1. But I was not taken aback. I told him let me have it, be brutal, tell me as it is, what you think about what we do. He told me that you can’t automate SEO. It has to be done all-natural for Google.

I did not disagree. I completely agree with him.

So think about that, given all the time and energy I have in the world as a business owner, I could spend all of it becoming a black belt or at least a green belt. What I did tell this guy is

A. Most, if not all our clients have no interest in becoming a black belt or even owning a belt.

B. The only reason digital agencies exist is the fact that website owners don’t want to become black belts.

And C. Automation is a necessity for any expert in any industry to get an edge.

So first off I told him we are not an SEO company, we are an automation company and soon to be AI company. We are a Saas company that provides automation solutions for digital agencies to do stuff that would require 500 man-hours or 100 programming hours. Every Saas company I know out there aspires to automate some type of process.

So, let’s think about this in 2021.

The world has been turned upside down with Covid and the pandemic. The emphasis on online marketing has sky-rocketed in 2020. In 2021 it will increase exponentially. How can online activity double, yet I look around at the web and I all I see are old, not so great websites. Trust me, a lot use our software.

Something is wrong.

If you are going to keep up with the changes of 2021, you can’t simply do everything by hand. You can’t just be a single producer type of consultant, as a content writer! You can’t just learn HTML or Rich Snippets! You can’t stay the same course and succeed as you did before. Something big is coming to change everything. I don’t know what it is, but it’s coming. The web, GMB, organic search can not remain in it’s current form the same.

The biggest players like Google move slowly, but the world is moving at lightning speed and something has to give. The world repeats itself. It reminds me of around 2001. Everybody used Yahoo for search. Hard to believe, because in Internet history, the losers are forgotten. Where and how will the search be done by the end of 2021? Will all this black belt knowledge you gained suddenly be disrupted? I’ve seen it happen before and it will happen again. Not sure why will break the system, but honestly, it’s like the emperor has no clothes. I look at GMB and what it is, and it really sucks. It has a lot of stuff it can do, but it just does not look like the future to me. I may be completely off base here, but that is just my opinion.

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