When GMB Limits Your Local Search

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When GMB Limits Your Local Search

One of the reasons SEO Turbo Booster became popular with a ton of local businesses who actually already do a great job with SEO (traditional SEO), is the limitations around GMB (Google My Business).

GMB and how it shows up locally and for your brand name is a great thing on Google.  If you are a local business, I’d implore you to set it up and configure it asap for your business.

However, and this is our niche if you want to found in not just your city, but in the local surrounding cities or even across a full state, GMB is not that useful for that.

That’s because in that other city there is a competitor who has a GMB.  Let’s consider painters in South Florida.  If your paint company is located in Fort Lauderdale, with GMB you are not showing up on the map in West Palm Beach, FL.  You are not even showing up on the organic search.

That’s unless you’ve created enough organic search landing pages that are covering those local areas.  But what about Coral Springs, Weston, North Miami, and Miramar.  As a painter, these are just a small distance away.

That’s why SEO Turbo Booster is chosen by digital agencies to serve the purpose of gaining that organic search for other cities than their GMB.

You could do this all manually.  We recommend at least a page per city.  Stuffing a ton of cities on one page is not enough.  Please contact us at SEO Turbo Booster if you’d like more info about becoming a partner!