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SEO Local Web Page Automation

SEO Turbo Booster is an automation solution for both digital agencies and clients. Our automation is the automated creation of web page content emphasizing locations and geographical web pages combined with keywords.

This type of automation of web pages simply means generating a variety of web pages to help customers get found better on Google Search results (SERPs) by city and/or keyword or combined city/keyword.

What we focus on is the auto-generation of web pages, specifically making sure there is a dedicated web page to each keyword/city combo. For instance, if you are Boca Raton, Florida based painter and you wanted to have service offerings in Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Parkland, and possibly 10 other local cities, you really should have a page per city at least. Even better would be a page per city/keyword combo. This would mean not just having a Boca Raton external painting dedicated web page, but a Deerfield and Delray external painting web page as well.

If you wanted this type of coverage across 40 local cities, and you have at least 5 keywords, you would end up needing 200 web pages generated to create the impact you need. And you would want each of the 200 pages to be distinct and unique enough that Google does not see this content as duplicate page content. Not a simple task, yet actually quite simple.

There are really 3 ways to get this type of automation built for your website or client. Here are the 3 ways:

1. Manually Building Web Pages.
Let’s say you want to create 200 unique web pages. Manually you could spend several days or weeks cloning each web page and rewrite titles, descriptions, content and links. Here are the big issues with this. First, you don’t want to spend all your time generating 100s of real pages. That’s because the likelihood of a mistake is high. And if you were to pay a 5err person it would take them just as long, but at $10 a page, you are still having to write a $2000 check for 30 days of work. The likelihood of getting all the pages correct is low. But realistically either you or the guy you hire probably does not have the SEO tech experience to get this right. The other fact is by adding 100s of real web pages to your website, you are adding overhead to the Database and slowing the system down.

2. Hire Programmer.
Honestly, this project is actually not a complex project for a programmer to generate the pages, but just to engage with a programmer and to give them the specs you want will result in a $5k to $10k minimum project. The founders of SEO Turbo Booster are both programmers and we understand what it takes to create an app. The problem with tech or programmer is you need all the SEO knowledge and you hope the programmer knows SEO and you are able to communicate what you need to them properly. The answer here is usually a problem will occur in the dev process.

3. Use An Automation Tool.
This is why we created SEO Turbo Booster, which is an automation tool. Instead of manual page creation or a development project, you get the software to do what you need now. So, the speed of delivery is improved. As far as manually creating web pages, our solution actually does not generate a ton of page content in databases or increases WordPress load time. The system is a virtual solution. So, for a much lower cost and time frame, you get the solution in place.

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