SEO 2022 – Will This Year Be The Year SEO Transforms Into Something Else?

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SEO 2022 – Will This Year Be The Year SEO Transforms Into Something Else?

SEO 2022, what is going to happen?

It seems like something is going to happen this year, but who knows what that will be…

A 2 year pandemic still hurts

There has been a lot of changes in life, but not in SEO in the past 3 years.  A 2-year pandemic, being locked up, having my kids working alongside me at home, and having to deal with the growth of virtual meetings just to mention a few. There is still online marketing that went online (or was it always online).  Basically, SEO –  Search Engine Optimization has changed very little.

I can give you 2 or 3 small areas that we have written about in the past that have changed a tiny bit, but overall the way search engine optimization and online marketing works with Google Search, not much has changed.

SEO 2022, what will happen now?

AI – Artificial Intelligence

I’d say the biggest change is the growth of AI, Artificial Intelligence.  And not much has changed in the AI of late other than every SEO around the world copying and pasting from Jarvis!  But garbage in is garbage out.  That simply means that instead of hiring a guy to rewrite some content, the content was rewritten by an AI engine.  And quite frankly the quality of that AI is not much better than a good international writer, who knows little about your field.  You have to always read and edit this content.

Google Gaming Everybody

What we have experienced in the SEO game is mounting growth and competition in search engine optimization to the point that all Google can do is play mind games. Google can come up with barriers and more and more difficult methods to get indexed and basically using their own AI knockdown or out pages!

Google (without Mr. Page) in charge is presenting us with a challenge. In their mind, the best or top search engine results need to be accurate.  But are they?

So, I am going to give you a few ways getting found online could change this year, some are minor changes, some are radical.

SEO 2022, Stuff That Could Happen!

The Breakup of Google

This is the most radical of events. What I would like to see is more competition.  There are several ways this could happen, everything from Google splitting up its divisions like Maps, News, and Search to making every search randomly go to other search engine results (Bing, DuckDuckGo, Other).

The Rise of The Metaverse

I am, like many, skeptical of the metaverse, whether it’s Decentraland or or perhaps a complete virtual world people will live in.  Not so much SEO is impacted, but how will getting found, advertising, and search in general work in the metaverse?  Your answer is as good as mine!

The Rise of Video and Audio Bots

It just seems that the concept of well-made AI-based concierge bots is coming to town eventually.  The first way, which I know as Siri on my cell phone voice search across a completely inaccurate and not well-managed Apple search engine. Obviously, we need to be able to get better results with Echo, Siri, and other creepy-crawly voice listening systems. They need version 2 of this tech.

The Day Search Comes To TV

Think of it, while we are watching TV in any form the concept of search is just not there.  It’s a big fat empty carcass. In fact, on my Comcast, as well as HBO Max, Prime, Netflix, and others, their concepts of search are basically sh_t.  Most of us go to Google (see I don’t hate Google), and search there for what we want to find to watch out there.


In recent years Google and SEO experts keep mentioning Niche.  It’s just something we all need to pay attention to.  What is a niche?  Well, it’s when you are focused either on one subject, one category, one area of business, or something even more specific. So having a website just about needles will have a chance to come up with that term.  But it is leading our team to directories so at least the pages and the overall site are in a niche.

Just some food for thought.  If you are reading our blog for the first time, my name is Dan Gudema and I am the founder of SEO Turbo Booster, a Saas online marketing platform that helps automate online marketing processes for our partners (digital agencies and VARs).   This link is an example page in a directory listingThis page is a sitemap example for a clientThis is a page that was generated unique images and unique contentClick here to learn more about our company.

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