Cheap, Fast, Good – Choose 2 – SEO & Software Dev

Cheap, Fast, Good – Choose 2 – SEO & Software Dev

While working in the software development business we would always hear this saying when customers wanted everything at a low cost:

Of these three choices for your software you can only have 2 – Cheap, Fast, Good.

What this means is you need to make some sacrifices in order to get software developed if you want a low or reasonable cost.  And obviously, if you go with a low-cost software provider you will not get the software completed fast and good.  Maybe the software will be good, but not produced right away.

As services and software costs have fallen in development over the years, you would think you can get all these things at a reasonable price. Actually, you can, but you need to. understand there is a price to pay for everything.

Just because guys on Fiverr are low-cost, does not mean that resources will always be available at the price. Eventually the best of the best on Fiverr charge more. It’s just the way the world works. When you think you can get everything for nothing, you will lose somewhere.

The same lessons of building software development apply to SEO, Search Engine Optimization. You get what you put into it, and when you pay low-cost people around the world to do the work for you, who are not really the best people to do the work, you should not be upset with the results.

I am not saying you should not find low-cost resources and use them appropriately. We do the same thing. We just think you need to set client expectations appropriately. When there is virtually no budget involved, then the results are unpredictable.

We are looking for mainly Digital Agencies to work with us, but we also now offer SEO services directly such as:

  1. An SEO Audit, a one-time fee, which identifies and fixes all your major website SEO issues.
  2. SEO Turbo Booster, which is an ongoing local monthly landing page generation and social drip campaign.
  3. Backlink services
  4. Other Web, Tech, Email, or whatever services you would like us to work on for you.  We are a technical SEO firm, so we have the skills to fix your broken website (especially WordPress).

Our main focus is still our core program, SEO Turbo Booster, so please contact us about it.

Please contact us to learn more about SEO Turbo Booster or if you are an agency looking to partner with us, please email us at info@seoturboboostercom or set time on my calendar here:

Have a great day.