ChatGPT, AI And The New SEO World Order For Local Biz

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ChatGPT, AI And The New SEO World Order For Local Biz

As you may know already, the date November 22, 2022, is the day that forever changed SEO and SEO content because of the release of at least the most relevant ChatGPT version from

Since that date, I have seen things like OpenAI becoming the 17th most visited website on the web. To give you some context, is 14th. That means everybody and their brother is visiting OpenAI tech like ChatGPT4 and Dalle-2 (image generation).

And no, this article was written by a human!

There are a dozen other Artificial Intelligence out there like Bard by Google, Jasper and others. We in the SEO Marketing Automation business are seeing the writing on the wall.

After this there will be others, many others.

I recently sat through a session with Neil Parsonz of and learned that almost every college kid is all over this. They are currently cheating, using ChatGPT until schools get all the tech necessary to at least try to observe it and stop it. And it is possible. But for clever students, it is just the beginning of their cheating, and yes, they all do it!

For us at SEO Turbo Booster, it’s not a matter of whether or not Google Local SEO will change, it is more a matter of when it will change. Some think SEO altogether will go away. That is not a real possibility, because content is required for search in general. But when Google moves even more content onto AI-based search results, then why does anybody need to click any links? It’s that local click that is the contention. And quite frankly if Google makes any change they have more to lose than gain. So I don’t see Google making the big change to eliminate any of their local SEO pay-per-click or any pay-per-click. I think they are going to have to sit back while Microsoft starts to become a real competitor with OpenAI’s assistance. Time to buy Microsoft Stock…

There is so much more on the table here to discuss, so please come back and visit our blog soon to get into the nuances of what is happening with Local SEO marketing automation. In the meantime, please look at the following links to give you an example of what we are doing with clients and how we do it. Have a great day.

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