Can Style Sheets Be Used For SEO?- SEO

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Can Style Sheets Be Used For SEO?- SEO

Can Style Sheets Be Used For SEO?

If you are really a hack like me, you should take a look at every inch of content and tags within a web page for an advantage.  There are standards for style sheet names, but there are no specific words required.  Whether you call your stylesheet div tag class name .divtable1 or .boca_raton_pizza_div_table1 is up to you.  But if “boca raton” and “pizza” were important SEO keywords, then hey this little hack may be worth it.  Who knows whether style and class names are used by Google in its SEO analysis. Probably not, but maybe it helps. Everything helps.  I am not saying to do this or not do this, but if you want some extra SEO juice, there is always more to go after. 


This excerpt is from 113 Guerilla Marketing Techniques, Actional Tips, Tricks and SEO Hacks by Dan Gudema of SEO Turbo Booster.