Programmatic SEO – Local SEO Solution Creating Landing Pages

Programmatic SEO

Our company strives to be the best at generating programmatic SEO pages for local and national businesses. Creating local programmatic SEO was rated as the top subject for digital marketers in 2023. That’s why we took notice of this. For instance this article on WhalesNYC talks about it, and SEOmatic talks about it here.  Programmatic SEO is the talk of the digital marketing world in 2023.

Well guess what, SEO Turbo Booster is programmatic SEO, but even further, it’s local programmatic SEO. We have generated over 100,000 landing pages across 250+ websites in the past 2 years. We have a sophisticated CMS, plugins for WordPress and we are growing each month.  To join our reseller network, please contact us at

So let’s explain programmatic SEO…

  1. Programmatic SEO is simply the generation of a bunch of landing pages on your website or micro-site or directory to help get found better on Google.
  2. The problem with programmatic SEO is no 2 landing pages generated can be exactly the same. In fact, our company strives for 80% differentiation per landing page.
  3. Programmatic SEO is best not done by hand. It’s called programmatic because a computer generates the landing pages or content.
  4. Programmatic SEO does not necessarily mean AI-driven (Artificial Intelligence).  Our company does not use AI for content (just yet). And Google does not recommend using AI for content generation.
  5. The most important aspect of programmatic SEO is local coverage. Our tool covers all the local page generation you will need in any GEO format, city, neighborhood, county, state, countries. We’ve even done roads and parks.


There is much, much more to Programmatic SEO. This is just the tip of the iceberg!  This is especially true because of the introduction of AI!  We’ve been doing it for a while. If you would like to either resell what we have built, use it for a large project, like a Directory, Saas, or for your digital agency, please contact us at  Or just set up a calendly video call event with us and we can chat virtually!  Click here for our calendar call set up.

SEO Turbo Booster invites Local Digital Agencies, Value Added Resellers, Franchise Digital Agencies, Online Directories, Saas providers, and other resellers to join our reseller program at SEO Turbo Booster. Please contact us for more information on how to become an SEO Turbo Booster reseller at, or contact us on Twitter @seoturbobooster.

We are working currently with a large number of local and national web agencies and value-added resellers in order to get our product to market.