Impression, Click, Conversion and The Funnel

About a year ago exactly we were sitting, working at a Starbucks in Mizner Park, Boca Raton. I was working on segmented push notifications for a large website. That simply means if you are in Los Angeles, you only get push notifications about Los Angeles! If you have read my articles about search engine marketing in the past, you will know that I am a big advocate of push. I was also in the middle of improving the #SEO of my dating event company.

At this Starbucks, this other team sitting right next to us looked at what I was doing, asked me about segmented push notification and about how our company did not have to pay for pay per click, we are talking saving up to $10,000 a month. That company said we want what you are doing, so let’s talk. We did. We have been working with them as a client ever since.

Right away we realized that push notification is just one element of a larger solution we could put together. For the first 15 clients that we signed up, we hand-coded/implemented their solutions. Eventually we brought on a tech team and now there is a back-end system and API developed to dish out the product.

But what is the product?

Over the first few months of solving issues for clients getting them hiring on Google with segmented Push, we were using SEO Turbo Booster as the product name, because the sites we worked with had such a boost in showing up on Google, that we felt it was necessary to use the words Search Engine Optimization to describe what we offer.

But it is still not clearly SEO, it is much more.

Sometimes it takes a time to understand what you are providing. The team is still signing up clients for the funnel product, but it is important to understand what it is exactly. So on Friday this week I wrote down these three words: Impressions, Clicks, Conversion. That’s because that is what this product actually does.

Basically this product is what we call a Click Funnel. There is a company out there delivering something like this for thousands of dollars called Click Funnels. They have an ok solution, but essentially they are very focused on a different type of market than the product our team developed. Click Funnels is great for companies that are trying to get people to a landing page and get a conversion. They focus mainly on the Conversion part of the funnel. The product we developed is much more comprehensive, because our toolset actually will get you found better on Google as well as get you clicks and conversion. Some of our clients are focused on Brand building, driving people to deals and landing page forms as well as driving people to a physical store to buy a product. So, in the end it covers much more than Click Funnels.

On the other hand, the product was developed to be an API and work as a WordPress Plugin, which turns your current WordPress website into a Click Funnel. The API is ready to work with enterprise level clients and developers. Hope that explains what the product is about.

Eventually the product started to be more useful to a more narrow series of vertical markets that are best for the product. For instance, if your business is multi-location, it will make sense to look at what we do because it will make sense. If your business is a #supplement company or #pharmaceutical company you may want to take a look at this solution. We also serve staffing and transportation verticals.

So let’s get to the definitions and how this product helps.

Impressions – these are how many eyeballs see your search results, both natural and paid on Google Search Results.

Clicks – these are how many people go ahead and click on search results and end up at a website/web page.

Conversion – these are how many people “took an action” on your web page. (and there are many motivations).

Conversions can be considered, bought a product, clicked a link, watched a video, downloaded a white paper, entered their email or cell phone number, clicked and called a cell phone number (bottom of the funnel), were driven to a physical location to buy product or pay for services or signed up for push notification. Every customer has a different goal.

Ultimately what we built allows for a wide variety of landing pages for the purpose of driving clicks and conversion.

How does our team differentiate with other Web Marketing Agencies? The big difference is we are technical. We are pretty much developers who got into marketing. That means we are different, because we don’t have to necessarily hire a tech guy, we are the tech guy and our larger team of 40+ are once again tech guys. If you want more info with whatever disaster you are dealing with, contact us. This may be the web team you are looking for. More info, contact me!

We have been running SEO Master Classes starting this year. These classes cover tech SEO, blogging, GMB (Google My Business) and other aspects SEO. Our last class was in person in Boca Raton, but the next class I am starting to think will be a FREE virtual class. Contact me if you would like to attend this free class! Just connect with me here on LinkedIn and ask me if you want to be in the class.

Have a great day.