Local, Mobile, Non-Branded Multi-Variate Search Engine Optimization

Giving a short overview of SEO Turbo Booster and how this product takes advantage of LOCAL, MOBILE, NON-BRANDED MULTI-VARIATE keywords and how that can impact how your are viewed on Google Searches. SEO Turbo Booster is a cloud based platform that hooks into your website via a WordPress Plugin.

SEO Turbo Booster is a web presence building platform based on the simple premise that your website needs to cover local, mobile, non-branded multi-variate Google Searches. Our product, SEO Turbo Booster is a special landing page generation program that is compatible with WordPress and soon to be compatible with Shopify which can generate the necessary landing pages required by Google Search to get found easily by city and keyword.

We have several real case studies. What we show in these case studies is how our clients go from 50 impressions a day on Google Search to 2,000 impressions a day, to clicks and conversion. This is SEO done in a way that is both obvious and niche at the same time. It’s something every website owner trying to build a national presence is looking for.